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Hello! I'm Marvin 👋

A high-achieving Computer Science undergraduate seeking an internship in Software Engineering. Ready to work in a challenging environment that would broaden my knowledge in the field.

This is my Technology Stack

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Here are some of my Projects

  • Project Img

    Room Organizer in AR

    Swift, SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Core Data

    • Build an app using Swift that leverages RoomPlan API to help users visualize and organize their living spaces
    • Apply ARKit and RealityKit framework to create an immersive and interactive AR experience for users
    • Employ Core Data framework to store and manage room layout data, allowing users to save and retrieve their designs
    • Collaborate with UX/UI designer to create an intuitive and visually appealing user interface

  • Project Img


    Swift, Core Location

    • Created a weather app using Swift that provides real-time weather information to users
    • Integrated OpenWeatherMap API to fetch weather data and display it accurately
    • Utilized Core Location framework to provide location-based weather updates using with city name and state

  • Project Img

    Camp On Ground

    Node.js, Express, MongoDB

    • Developed a responsive website using Express framework that enables users to search and find nearby campsites
    • Implemented MapBox API to display an interactive map featuring available campsites within a selected area
    • Defined RESTful routes that enables the users to easily create, edit a campsite or leave reviews on one

  • Project Img

    Food Order iOS App

    Swift, SwiftUI, Firebase, CocoaPods

    • Produced a fully functional food ordering app based on user location that allows searching and ordering items
    • Introduced Firebase to retrieve menu and submit orders containing all the details and delivery location

  • Project Img

    Food Venture Website

    HTML, CSS, Javascript - MarinaHacks (Hackathon)

    A website that enables visitors to explore a country and its most popular food by region

  • Project Img

    Video/Quiz Automation Program

    AutoIT, SQL

    • Built a Windows app that watches clips to generate 10 tickets/day and win instant cash, serves 1000+ users
    • Program required connection to self-hosted API Server for login authentication
    • Stored user’s IP and MAC Address on MySQL database to restrict access from multiple devices